Swiftnode Launches Sydney Location!

Swiftnode is proud to announce a long awaited expansion into Australia. We will now be offering Game and Voice servers in Sydney with no additional cost. In addition to this expansive, we have upgraded per client mitigation capability to 20Gbps. This is in effect immediatly, all clients new and existing will be protected from DDoS attacks up to ... Leer Más »

24th May 2017
Los Angeles - Skylake and Kaby-Lake Processors

Swiftnode is now offering the same Intel performance processors in Los Angeles as we do in London, New Jersey, and Chicago.

The Kaby-Lake i7-7700k is the fastest single thread performance processor on the market, and the Skylake i7-6700k is not far behind.

Offers available on our dedicated servers page here.

4th May 2017
Swiftnode Launches Ashburn Location!

Swiftnode is proud to announce our newest location, soon to become the heart of our east coast network. Ashburn brings us even more control over the east coast with the ability to rent game and voice servers on the east coast. Some technical information regarding the new facility in Ashburn. 600 Circuit Capacity 2N & N+1 Power Options ... Leer Más »

6th Feb 2016
Swiftnode Launches Miami Location!

Seems like just two months ago we were expanding to Dallas as a 4th location. Swiftnode is taking North America by storm. We're offering our same low prices for dedicated servers in Miami now, with the same ddos protection we offer in all of our other locations! Contact us if you have any questions or want a quote for colocation. Our hardware is ... Leer Más »

4th Mar 2015
Swiftnode Launches LA Location!

Today we're launching our Los Angeles location which will become the permanent west coast core of our network. The new Los Angeles facility utilizing pure Internap bandwidth for the lowest possible latency. We are in the process of discontinuing our Las Vegas location and clients are being moved over to the new location.This location offers us new ... Leer Más »

11th Feb 2015
Swiftnode Launches Dallas Location!

Swiftnode has launched it's Dallas facility. Now located at 611 Wilshire Blvd.Features include: 2x2500kVA Transformers Armed guards, Video Surveillance, Keycard access All new infrastructure - No old or end-of-life equipment DDoS Protected Multi-Homed Network (NSFOCUS) Scrubbing center providing up to 80 Gbps of DDoS Mitigation Disaster ... Leer Más »

10th Jan 2015
Arma 3 & Arma 3 Epoch Clients

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11th Dec 2014