Updating/Patching Arma 3 Epoch

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When an Arma 3 Epoch update is released, we will have the latest server files on our mirror. However there are some steps you should take prior to just installing the new update, as you may wipe your files and lose content from your database.

Step 1: While the server is running, run the "Backup Database" feature from your control panel.
Step 2: Stop the server, and backup, or rename any files you wish to save with custom content. 

Some common files to backup:
  • @epochhive/epochah.hpp
  • @epochhive/epochconfig.hpp
  • @epochhive/EpochServer.ini

Step 3: Apply the latest hotfix/patch from the mod installer, if you already have the "latest server files" installed, reinstall the latest server files from the mod manager, this will download the new content from our servers and automatically extract it into your servers directory.
Step 4: Before just re-uploading the files above that you backed up, you should make sure you compare the old files with the new files and append your changes to the new files. If you upload your old files they may result in players being kicked because some new whitelisted functions aren't included. (Compare is a Notepad++ extension that will let you view the changes in a side by side manner while highlighting the changes.)
Step 5: You'll want to run a steam update if the hotfix/patch is related to an Arma 3 update.

Your server should now start with all the database content properly

Common Issues:
If you get in game and your gear, buildings, and vehicles are gone, make sure you specified the proper redis password in EpochServer.ini. (you can find your redis password in /redis/redis.conf)
Public Variable #0 Kick, this means your version, or the server versions differ. This can be caused by a few things, you forgot to run the steam update, you need to update your client, or you need to download the latest server files.

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